About Us

Blu Ellis, the visionary behind the Dope Black Woman brand, envisions creating products that speaks to her and her community. MADE For Us is more than just a marketplace; it's a platform and community that celebrates creativity, style, and the power of self-expression.


The Dope Black Woman brand emerged from an annual Women's History Month event, created as part of the M.A.D.E.Community program series, a non-profit organization. This event is a tribute to the achievements of women in various industries or their contributions and dedication to their community.


M.A.D.E.Community offers a platform for Black and Brown entrepreneurs and creatives, providing them with valuable resources and a supportive network. The Dope Black Woman brand is dedicated to making a positive social impact, from each sale, a portion of the proceeds is donated to M.A.D.E.Community and its initiatives. 


By choosing Dope Black Woman, you not only acquire stylish apparel and statement goods but actively contribute to a meaningful cause to drive change and promote equality.


The spirit of Women's History Month lives on through Dope Black Woman, a movement that inspires and empowers women of color while fostering a community that encourages growth and success.




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